Saturday, 9 February 2013


I have just received my second 3D print run of virtual Second Life mesh Jewellery from Shapeways and I am so pleased with this batch, especially the flower heart. I was a little concerned that I'd put too much detail in the design for the 3D printing process but Shapeways did an absolutely brilliant job of polishing and finishing the piece.

I am totally addicted to this technology and to printing out my Second Life virtual jewellery in Sterling Silver for my RL Shapeways shop ! WOW how amazing is that, I still haven't got used to this concept and technology, it really is totally stunning. It's a kind of magic.

Next phase will be oxidising the silver pieces to bring out the design and detail. I'll post photos soon.

Thinking long term, I may spin off a proper .com web site for selling virtual mesh jewellery in RL.

I'm doing a Second Life raffle for Valentine's day. Everyone who buys the Second Life versions of the Valentine's Forget-Me-Not Flower Heart will be entered in to the raffle and have the chance of winning the 99 EURO / $130USD Sterling Silver real life versions of the pendant. Also there will be gift cards for runners up second and third prizes.

The Flower Heart will only be available from my inworld shop at Ooot Ooot.

This is a luxury little item, thick generous silver casting with a weighty feel.

Valentine's Forget-Me-Not Flower Heart Now Available in RL

Second Print Run From Shapeways Arrives

Second Life Version Of The Forget-Me-Not Flower Heart 

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