Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Next Generation Second Life Jewellery - Sparkly, Shiny !

A new phase for Second Life jewellery has arrived.
Linden Lab's new mesh material system is about to totally transform the Second life jewellery industry. No more dull and flat texture-only jewels that don't flash, gleam and react to the light.

Texture based jewellery, even the best baked textured jewellery can not compete with jewellery created with the new material system. There's a world of difference.

The new material system is now one of the best reasons to use the most recent official LL viewer. Materials make such a difference to jewellery it's really quite dramatic. I think with some practise it will be possible to create amazingly realistic 3D virtual jewellery with antique surfaces and hammered and oxidised metals that truly react to the light. It's so exciting. It's as if jewellery has almost come alive. Metals can now shine and jewels can play with the light.

Ok that's was my best attempt at super advertising blurb for the new materials system and the new sparkly jewellery that's possible.

I've had several customers IM me wondering if metals and jewels do actually react to the light, because they can't see the effect on my new jewellery. Some are using Firestorm which does not support materials yet so if you are using Firestorm you will need to use the most recent LL viewer to enjoy the new materials and shiny sparkly jewellery effects. It's delightful and a fantastic leap in quality and great fun.

I have prepared a video to show that I'm not making it up, SL jewellery really can shine and respond to the light.

I must apologise for my terrible camera work , the size of the video ( I couldn't work out how to compress it and still make it look good ), the annoying cursor that I couldn't get rid of !  But I will learn to do it better next time :-)

I think I maybe just gone and done an SL first -  made the first proper Second life shiny jewels, not sure if anyone else has done this yet, if so I've shown you mine, would love to see yours !

Here is the video.

All the jewellery in the above video is currently only available inworld from the July rounds of Collabor88  and Fameshed events. I've included the LMs below.

Currently Only Available From Collabor88 

Positano Night Jewel Necklace Set

Disco Lover Sparkly Cross Necklace

Disco Lover Sparkly Cross Earrings and Ring

St Tropez Hammered Disk Earrings

Currently Only Available From Fameshed

San Remo Hammered Metal Bangles

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