Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maxi Gossamer Virtual Second Life Jewellery Goes Real World

Something amazing is happening in the virtual world and the real world. Now, it's possible to liberate certain Second Life creations and release them from virtual bondage in to the real world. Second Life mesh creations can now be manufactured using 3D printer technology. A fantastic company called Shapeways is making this possible.

Shapeways have a web site and marketplace where you can upload 3D mesh models and make them available for sale, in the real world, in different materials such as silver, bronze, stainless steel and various coloured polymer/acrylic/nylon plastics, also ceramics, coloured sandstones etc

This is such an exciting thing. The idea that I can design jewellery using 3D software and then have it printed in silver and put it for sale is just awesome !

I have just ordered my first pieces, 2 in sterling silver, 2 in stainless steel and a pink version of the Candy Love Heart which was first released in Second Life at THE ARCADE GATCHA event a little while back.

But I'm most interested to see the silver Marrakech Heart, which was originally released in Second Life at Collabor88.

I am hoping to receive the first batch of 3D printed jewellery by the end of the month and will post photos here on my blog.

Here is the link to my new Shapeways shop where you can buy my jewellery designs. Not all the pieces available at Shapeways are available in Second Life as yet and vice versa, but I am planning to cross pollinate where possible.

Click HERE to visit my real world Shapeways jewellery shop

Marrakech Heart 

Candy Love Heart

Little Reef Anemone Ring

Ottoman Heart Ring

Mermaid's Sting


  1. Way to go!!! We definate hope more designers will join. Do note during MetaMeets 30 november someone of Shapeways will give a talk about themselves and we hope to introduce them to more talks virtually to make designers aware...:-)

  2. Thank you Jojo :-)
    There are loads of brilliant designers in Secondlife who will absolutely love 3D printing. It's just a timing thing

  3. Hi Eliza :-) Yes it is such an amazingly awesome thing !! :-)